Learn how to Build a Blog and Earn with it

Blogging has now grown into a profession. It is the best platform for sourcing for information on the internet.

With different Niches in blogging, such as News, Entertainment and Gist, travels and tours, I.T, and so on, it is always advisable you choose the one you are most passionate about or well knowledgeable on.

WordPress flagship is blog building. It actually started as a blogging platform and then developed into a personal CMS.

It is one of the best platform you can use to build your blog and make money via google AdSense, sponsored posts, direct ads, affiliate marketing and more.

As much as a lot of people love to blog, one of the biggest challenge is the cost of building the blog. Some web developers charge huge to build a professional blog and this discourages so many.

Learn how to build standard and responsive blogs by yourself and earn with it. You can also charge moderately to build for others.


Click the button below to watch our free / beginner videos on how to build a blog.

If you are above the beginners level, click the button below to watch the advance tutorial on building a blog.

Purchase the video and get the following Features / Benefits:

  1. How to build a professional blog site
  2. Best Premium Blogging themes for free
  3. Learn how to write SEO friendly articles
  4. How to install and apply for google AdSense
  5. How to apply for other Sponsored Ads
  6. Optimize the speed of a blog site
  7. Integrating Disqus commenting System
  8. Track your traffic and Audience
  9. How to create internal and external link for SEO purposes
  10. How to create subscribers list
  11. Integrating social media platforms to your blog
  12. Build a Contact form


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